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Question:  by LP

What is the best thing for fleas?…I think my dog has some, he is all itchy scratchy and I think I see a couple bites on his belly. 

Dear LP,

There are a few  things that should be done to determine if fleas are the problem. ”  To fleas, taking a ride on a dog can be compared to travel in business class.  They get a ride, a meal and comfort.  If you find them, convincing them to leave may be a challenge .

 On a more serious note,

  1. I first recommend that you take a flea comb and do a very thorough check especially around the neck, tail and on the abdomen. Take a few samples from other areas too. Comb deep to ensure that you do not miss any “secret travelers.”  Repeat this several times during the day and in the evening to increase the accuracy of your chances of finding them.
  2. If you find fleas, go to point 5 or read on to get a complete picture.
  3. If you have not found fleas, there may be many other reasons for the itching and scratching. The body usually eliminates toxins and impurities from the body. The itching signals imbalances in other organs like digestion, liver function and the immune system. Sometimes it signals the “body’s disagreement” with medication, vaccines or the type of diet.  I believe that if your dog was vaccinated fairly recently, the negative effects of vaccination may persist for months and if symptoms appear, they should be addressed.  You can see what products we recommend if you suspect a vaccine reaction HERE. 
  4. Scratching or licking may also be a sign of muscle pain, tightness or discomfort in the area.  Dogs often try to get relief by scratching or licking, however, they traumatize their skin which causes rashes and irritation.  
  5. If you find fleas, I do not  recommend using any chemical or pharmaceutical products on long term basis. Start using FleaHex® wash once a week for 4 to 6 weeks, combined with FleaHex® Household Spray 
  6. Raw and natural food can often also be good prevention.  Fleas appear to prefer pets fed a high carb diet, in other words, they are attracted to sugar.  Naturally fed pets are healthier and generally much more resistant to parasites. 
  7. Good health, low stress, minimal vaccination, good food and using FleaHex® are the key. 

Watch this video to learn more about how to prevent fleas and ticks without using dangerous medication:


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