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Dogs want us to take them off drugs…

Most of us start the first year of vet school with big ideals to become the James Herriot’s of our towns and villages and be the magicians of miraculous recoveries.

This noble goal is often followed by a sobering wake-up call that despite our best intentions, we sometimes fail to know why diseases happen.

Instead of observing the body’s subtle signals and repetitive patterns, drugs are often prescribed.

While no one would purify drinking water by adding sewage to it,  most people somehow believe that adding more toxic substances to the body will make us healthier.

It is not a coincidence that illegal and legal drugs share their name.  In my opinion, pharmaceuticals should always be considered a second choice.  I have learned from my patients that the less drugs, vaccines and processed food they get, the longer and healthier their lives are on average. 

Many chronic conditions could be prevented 

I agree that sometimes, medication is needed but I have seen in practice that many conditions can be prevented or treated without any drugs. All we have to do is redirect our attention from drug pushing to researching less harmful, yet effective natural treatment methods. 

Too often, scientists try to reinvent nature in the name of science and develop new drugs or expensive treatment protocols, while all we need to do is to follow a natural healing cycle:

  1. Detox the body
  2. Provide essential nutrients
  3. Tune up and rebalance the body’s energy flow

In summary, the body is an energy unit, it is the “house”, the vehicle that enables us to exist in the world and it deserves to be maintained and cared for.

Imagine the world where we would use 95% percent fewer drugs.  Wondering how?  I have done it in my practice and it has been easier than I thought.  This is the main reason why drug companies try to marginalize natural and holistic methods because they know that natural healing works but they can’t license natural substances.

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Your animal friend is worth it!

Dr. Peter Dobias



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