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I am having a hard time grasping that it has been 5 years since I sold my veterinary clinic. On a daily basis my clinic was flooded with a stream of new patients coming in with the same problems over and over again.

The never ending river

It was really frustrating because no matter how hard I worked, the river of new ill patients never stopped. The truth is that many people are more willing to pay for an emergency treatment than to invest in disease prevention.

Why most people do not see first signs of disease

Most people living with dogs do not have a chance to see what I see in practice because they have only one or a few dogs and I have seen thousands.  This has given me the ability to see patterns of disease. I am able to spot the warning signals before problems arise.

The biggest aha moment

I have spent the 5 past years trying to figure out how to build an effective system animal lovers like you can use to prevent disease, organ failure and cancer.

The biggest aha moments for me have happened around nutrition.  For many years I thought that all I needed to do was to feed my pets and patients a raw natural food. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I realized that our food sources and agricultural soils were so depleted that giving healthy food was no longer enough.  That is why nutrient deficiency is A BIG PROBLEM AND I BELIEVE ONE OF THE MOST COMMON SOURCES OF DISEASE.

What happens when nutrients are absent in food?

When minerals, amino acids  and vitamins are missing, the body can go symptomless for some time but often when they reach the age of 5 – 8 years they start becoming stiff,  have lower energy and I have noted that their liver, pancreas or kidney values begin to rise.

People mistakenly believe that their dogs just became old, but the truth is that THEY ARE TOXIC AND DEFICIENT IN NUTRIENTS.

When I first started testing GreenMin, our mineral rich superfood years ago, I was shocked to see older dogs acting as if they were young again.  I was hooked on learning more.

Not all supplements are the same

When I learned about ingredient sourcing for supplements, I was surprised to learn that almost all of them were made in or sourced from low grade synthetic ingredients and I was concerned about quality.

I started searching for all natural vitamins for dogs but could not find any full spectrum vitamins for dogs.

For a few years, I was suggesting human “whole food vitamins” Tiny Tabs from New Chapter Organics but when the company was taken over by Procter and Gamble, these products became frequently unavailable and backordered.

It almost seemed as if  P&G was making them unavailable on purpose because these products directly compete with their low grade synthetic vitamins that are less expensive. It was bizarre.

I knew that something needed to be done.

Today is a big day

Because I would like to introduce you our biggest project so far – SoulFood® – the very first certified organic, naturally cultured multi-vitamin for dogs on the market.  It is also manufactured in the USA.

I confess it was no easy task. It took years of preparation, formulation and testing. However, I don’t regret any of that because our dogs are worth it.

Here is what SoulFood® is about:

I am really thrilled to reach this milestone and so happy to be able to offer SoulFood® to you. Skai has been already on it for some time and now you know the reason why he is doing so well. He is powered by GreenMin® and SoulFood®.

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