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What you need to know

The basis for kidney failure following consumption of grapes or raisins is unclear and is currently being studied in the veterinary community. If you suspect or confirm that your dog ingested raisins or grapes, have your dog immediately assessed by your veterinarian or local emergency provider.

The amount of grapes or raisins that may cause renal failure is not exactly known, so any amount could potentially be dangerous. As for treatment of recent ingestion, inducing vomiting and administering activated charcoal is recommended. The dose of activated charcoal is based on the packaging. I recommend giving 1.5 times the amount/kg of the human dose (a 150 lb dog would get 1.5 times more than a 150 lb person)

Intravenous fluid therapy should be administered for 48 hours. During this time the patient should be monitored for increased values of kidney parameters (blood and urine tests). Monitor your dog for any vomiting, increased thirst or urination.

Supplements to be administered:

  • GutSense Probiotics – 3 months+
  • SoulFood – ongoing basis
  • GreenMin – ongoing basis
  • Omega oils – ongoing basis

Recheck kidney values again in two to four weeks and again after three months. If your dog’s kidneys show signs of damage that is more permanent, follow this kidney disease treatment protocol.

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