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The February Giving Report

Hi Dog Lovers, 

This is Alicia and I am here to give you our February giving report. 

In February, we supported education in Cambodia through B1G1. 

On your behalf, we have given a donation that will provide 10 years access to a bicycle as a mode of transportation to school, 10 years access to reading materials and 250 days of access to university education.

We primarily donate to projects involving animals and the environment, but we also value and appreciate the importance of education, which can in turn help animals, the environment and people. 

Free To Shine is an organization that provides ongoing support and encouragement to girls in Cambodia. Their focus is the importance of education. They encourage parents to support their children in school and to continue on with a university education. They also guide the student and her family to help them problem solve.

Cambodian-language books, and some books with English translations, are also provided so that girls learning English can further develop their skills. They love to share their developing language skills with their younger siblings as well as their parents and grandparents who often never learned to read.

By providing access to bicycles, we can give a sustainable, joyful and empowering form of transportation to a young girl. In Cambodia, children are often forced to drop out of school because they live too far away, or risk dangers such as violence or kidnapping on their walking route. A bike makes the journey over the difficult road to education faster and safer.

Once they have completed Grade 12, many girls decide to go on and study at university. Free To Shine is committed to supporting girls who are studying degrees that will have long-term benefits for the development of Cambodia, such as law, nursing, management, social work and midwifery.

Thank you for loving and taking care of your dogs and trusting our products. You know your purchase makes a great difference in your dog’s health and wellbeing and we are pleased to let you know how it benefits those around the globe. 

With gratitude,

Alicia Amundson 

on behalf of Dr. Dobias and the Natural Healing Team

“Be kind whenever possible, it is always possible” ~ Dalai Lama

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