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August 2017 Giving Report

Hi Dog Lovers, 

This August our giving takes us all the way to Dahab, Egypt, where Janet helps street dogs in need, and there are many!

Sadly, the local authorities still use poisoning as one of the methods of population control and Janet’s dream is to change this. She hopes through birth control programs and protecting and adopting puppies and dogs her goal will be reached.

Her rescue center does not use cages, which allows dogs to form their own groups as they naturally would. The money our community donated will be used for shelter operating expenses, such as food and medical care. Click here to visit the shelter site. 

We have sent Janet and her team $720 and also a dozen bottles of TickHex to help the dogs of Dahab with their severe tick infestation problem. 

Thank you again for purchasing our all-natural products and making this month’s giving possible.

With gratitude,

Alicia Amundson 

on behalf of the Dr. Dobias and the Natural Healing Team

Be kind whenever possible, it is always possible
~ Dalai Lama

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