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What toxic chemicals and toxic relationships have in common

This month, my work brought me to the topic of toxins in the body and toxic relationships.

Thirty-seven trillion chemical reactions happen in the body every second and the intrusion of toxic chemicals in the form of drugs, vaccines or environmental toxins can cause serious problems. Toxicity is one of the leading causes of chronic disease and cancer, so you need to know what toxins are in your dog’s body. 

Processed food, mercury, arsenic, radioactive pollution in fish, plastic, unnecessary vaccines and overuse of pharmaceutical drugs threatens the health of our dogs, but there are simple and effective ways to keep your dog safe.

What can a hair test tell me about my dog’s health?

Many years back, I was looking for the best and least costly way of determining the levels of toxins in my patients. Blood tests are expensive and rather inaccurate because they represent only a snapshot from the time when the blood is collected. Your dog could be depleted, but the levels would appear normal because the body is using the last reserves from bones or storage. 

Then I had a conversation with one of my colleagues, Dr. Eva Furnschuss from Austria, who told me about hair testing. Hair testing is much better than blood testing when it comes to mineral and toxin levels because it’s inexpensive and provides us with a record of long-term exposure to toxic elements such as mercury, lead and arsenic.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Please keep in mind that blood testing is still the main diagnostic tool when it comes to complete blood cell count and the function of the internal organs and glands.)

Your dog’s hair is a sort of ‘time capsule.’ As the hair grows, it seals in blood that contains minerals and toxins. Hair tests quantify toxins in the body, tell you what healthy elements will push them out and give you accurate values of what minerals are missing and which ones are in excess.

Three-step detox: 

Once you have this information, you can supplement plant-based minerals or adjust the dose as needed. A liver cleanse and balancing the gut with probiotics will also help push toxins and bad minerals out of the body. A simple and gentle cleanse creates a positive domino effect.


A cleansing effect can also be achieved by adding healthy minerals into your dog’s food to push out competing toxic minerals.

Just a few examples: Calcium pushes out lead, iron helps get rid of mercury and zinc is the key to eliminating cadmium.

Wondering why? Every chemical element has an oxidative number that allows it to bind to other elements. If the oxidative number of a toxic and non-toxic elements is the same, they can compete with each other. For example, Fe+3 (iron) can be replaced with Hg+3 (mercury).

After taking these steps, you can recheck mineral levels in 6 months with another hair test to see how effective the process was and if there are any ongoing sources of toxicity in your dog’s environment. This process is the key to finely tuning your dog’s nutrition and ensuring good health. 

How to deal with toxic relationships

I’m quite certain everyone who is reading this letter has experienced challenging situations with difficult people, who are consciously or unconsciously toxic. In such cases, the first step is to ask if we could’ve done something differently. Giving others the benefit of the doubt is a healthy self-check. I always like exploring the possibility I made a mistake or didn’t communicate as clearly as I could have. 

However, sometimes it’s not us who have done something wrong. We can come across someone who is just miserable, cranky and likes to take their anger and frustration out on others. Their effect is not unlike the effect of toxic minerals. These people disturb the flow of the day. Their life is in chaos and their energy makes them pull everything and everyone into a downward spiral. They poison our lives.

No matter how close of a friend, family member or a colleague this person is, you can use these 7 simple steps to detox your life from toxic people.

  1. Make sure there are enough good people and friends in your life. Surrounding yourself with positive people makes it harder for toxic people to come into your life.
  2. Set kind but clear boundaries with toxic people. Toxic people’s strategy is to draw you into their often self-inflicted suffering and drama, so they can get validation and blame others. There is a difference between empathy and compassion and allowing them to drag you into the black hole of their misery. 
  3. Keep your emotions in check and don’t retaliate with anger or profanity, even if they are abusive and irrational. One must also consider the possibility that they are mentally ill.
  4. Remove yourself from the situation if needed and tell them you’ll come back with a constructive and practical solution as soon as possible. 
  5. Stand your ground and don’t let others intimidate you or blackmail you just because they hold a more influential position. Don’t let anyone dampen your enthusiasm or lose your focus in life.
  6. Forgive, but that does not mean you have to forget. You may need to cleanse your life of toxic people who repeatedly disrespect your boundaries, similar to the toxins disrespecting the boundaries of your dog’s body. 
  7. Stand your ground gently and surely. If you have a history of being there for others, enough people will be there for you and support you in challenging times.

Wishing you and your dog a life free of harmful toxins and full of happy and kind people! 


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