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Two answers to the meaning of life that are often forgotten

Recently, I found a video that talked about the size of the universe.

It started with the smallest planet, then they showed the size of Earth, then other planets, the sun, the solar system, other solar systems, the galaxies and eventually talked about the possibility of parallel universes!

First, they compared the size of the planets in kilometers and miles and then light-years. When they described the solar system, galaxies and the size of the universe they measured it in light years and billions of light years.

I find the scale of the universe impossible to imagine. A light-year is just another unit of measurement, but when we remind ourselves that a light-year is the distance which light travels for one year, its magnitude is absolutely mind-boggling.

Light travels 299,792 km (187,370 miles) per second, 7.5 times the circumference of Earth.

A light-year is 5.9 trillion miles and it’d take you and your dog 225 million years to walk the distance of JUST ONE LIGHT-YEAR!

It’s astounding to consider that the observable universe is 46.5 billion light years in diameter and that there may be parallel universes beyond our universe!

One big wow

When we think about the size of the universe and consider that Earth is the only planet we know that sustains life, it’s nothing short of a miracle to be alive.

We are hurtling through space on the most advanced spacecraft, planet Earth, the sun rises and sets every day, we have air to breath, ears to hear, eyes to see. We have our dogs to play with…

All of us living here on Earth have already won the biggest jackpot ever by being alive, so one has to ask, why is there so much unhappiness, depression, fighting and war?

Why do so many people forget about the miracle of life?

Much has been written about searching for the purpose of life, but what if it’s simple? What if the purpose is being grateful and making a difference in the lives of others?

We are all unique, yet so similar!

My purpose is to give you the gift of extra time with your dogs through holistic healing and writing, for others, it may be providing services, manufacturing items, working on meaningful causes or playing music and creating art.

So while the core purpose of life may be gratitude, making the lives of others better may be another underlying purpose that makes us feel good.

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