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Exploring the deeper mystery of asking the question “why”.

Today, I decided to write on the topic of ‘why things happen in life.’ I see people going through periods of facing one problem after another with their dogs or personal life.

When challenges and problems arise, we often ask the nagging question, “Why?”. It is natural for dog lovers to ask “Why?” when their dog gets sick and usually, they hope for a simple answer that points to one or two causes of a disease. The challenge is that the answer is rarely this simple. Even with infections caused by bacteria or a virus, there are other factors playing a role because not every dog that comes in contact with a pathogen gets sick.

Today, my plan is to explore the deeper mystery of “Why” and I would like to start by sharing a personal story. 


This year was pretty difficult, in order to continue my uncensored writing, teaching, and natural dog supplement line, I had to choose between my work and my Canadian veterinary licence. Only two weeks later, we received a notice that our products were banned in Canada and naturally I wanted to know who was behind our company being targeted. But no matter how many answers I came up with, there was no way to be certain who was trying to harm our company and it was impossible to know why.

In 2018, work was not the only challenging part of life. My usual formula for finding solace in exercise didn’t work perfectly for me either.

First, I got hit by a surfboard fin that caused a four-inch gash on my head. (Luckily I had a bottle of Skin Spray with me to speed up the wound healing and reduce pain). Only two days after the accident, I went biking and was knocked down by a car and broke my hand. Yet the trail of bad luck continued on.

Recently, I made several more attempts to go biking but ended up with not being able to ride. First, my derailleur jammed in the spokes of my wheel, and second, my tire was slashed by a piece of glass on the road. My third and fourth attempts were followed in close sequence. I had two flats, ran out of spare tubes, and had to take a car ride back home.

It felt like the universe conspired against me and the first question I asked was,

“Why is this happening?”

The answers I came up with are as follows:

  • It is because bad things happen in multiples.
  • It is because so many people throw glass on the road.
  • It is because bike tires are too thin.
  • It is because of the law of attraction; quantum physics makes things like this happen.
  • It is the year 2018.
  • It is because Skai is no longer with us.

In the end, I concluded that the only real and true answer I knew was: It happened because it happened, nothing more, nothing less. I am not denying the possibility that there is some sort of mysterious universal principle of why things happen. But until we can confirm such phenomena, all we can do is accept “it is because it is”.

I like to play with the idea that the “small bad things” happen to prevent the “really bad things” from happening. In other words, a series of “mini-earthquakes” that prevent the “big one.”

How you can apply all of this to the health of your dog?

It makes no sense to look back and blame yourself for what happened in the past. The truth is the question, “Why did a problem happen?”, can rarely be answered in full. However, you can prevent future problems by learning from your experience but also from others.

Below are examples of articles that may completely shift your understanding of some health problems and how to keep your dog healthy. I also suggest that you register to receive my weekly updates because I write and share a lot of information, that can be found nowhere else. 

Just try to remember, whatever has happened is in the past and there is no way to change it. The only thing you can do is to accept the past and choose what you will do and learn next.

Give your dog a hug for me.  

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