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This morning, I woke up, looked at my barely-awake face in the mirror and suddenly, without a plan to do so, I heard myself saying:

“Good morning, Peter!

Be grateful, don’t complain and be kind!”

I chuckled how funny it was talking to myself at 2:30 am!

Just to be clear, I do not suffer from insomnia but rather jet lag caused by my nomadic lifestyle and the increasing draw to spend more time with my mom and family in my home country of the Czech Republic. 

To me, jet lag is the worst part of traveling, but there are also some positive sides to it. I can write this piece at 5 AM in the morning being bright and awake or walk the fairytale-like streets of Prague, my favourite city in the world!



Lately, I have been thinking of how important travel of any kind is to growing and learning. I often recall Paulo Coelho’s book, The Alchemist, where the main character travels around the world to learn life lessons while looking for a treasure. Eventually, he returns home, only to find what he was searching for all along! I don’t remember exactly how the book ends but the main idea is that we spend our lives searching only to realize that the true treasures are our homes, families, friends, our dogs and our health.

This trip back home is extra special, because I brought a couple of very important items along – a brand new Perfect Fit Harness and a green Gentle Leash. 

I hope that by the end of July, there will be a fluffy, little furry being at the other end of the leash to help us write the next chapter of our lives!

I am so excited! It is crazy! 🐶 

I promise I will definitely keep you posted and there is a still a $500 prize to win for guessing our new dog’s name. My team has been trying to pry it out of me, but I am like a fort. No way am I going to spoil the game! 

Don’t miss this important piece below:

Speaking of T
he Alchemist and the most important things to learn in life, there is one part of healing that is, in my opinion, the key to your dog’s health and longevity and it really bugs me that it is not more known.

This is what led me to create a video that explains it all. But before you watch it, I will give you a little bit of a back story. As a little kid, our grandma used to tell us stories, and one of them was about a king who asked his three daughters how much they valued him. The first daughter told her father she valued him as much as gold, the second one compared him to diamonds but the third daughter, the wisest one of the three, said, she valued him as much as salt.

The story goes that the king got very angry with his third daughter, throwing her out of the kingdom and banning salt. Of course, there is a happy ending to the story; the king eventually realized that salt (and minerals) are more valuable than gold and diamonds.

I hope you enjoy this new video! 



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