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Is the planet healing?

I hope you are doing your best not to fall into a spiral of hopeless thoughts. We may not always be successful, but it is worth trying. What do you think?

Recently I mentioned that the 2020 pandemic may be nature’s attempt at making us stop what we are doing, before it is too late to save the planet and our civilization. For several years now, I have lived with the strong sense that something serious was about to happen. I was subconsciously waiting for disaster to strike, but I didn’t know what it would be and this made me somewhat anxious. Every time I went to a big store and saw the excess of goods and packaging, every time I was stuck in city traffic or watched the news, I was reminded that this could not go on forever.

The planet is a living being, a macro version of our body, with its defences that protect it. It may sound harsh, but a pandemic is nature’s way to control a species when it gets out of control. And my goodness, have we ever been out of control!

The biggest growth happens during challenging times and crises. It is heartbreaking to hear about lost lives and all the hardship. The irony is that life is now more normal from nature’s point of view.

We are spending more time at home and are moving around within a small radius. We are shopping less, and spending more time with our kids, pets, and family when possible. In a strange way, I feel hopeful because the air is clearer, the water is cleaner, life is slower, and we are finally starting to wake from the “self-centered delusion” that we humans are it. We are not!

I love hearing from you, as well as my other friends and family, that your closets are more organized and the basements and garage are all tidy. Who would have thought it would ever happen! 😉🤩 

We have slowed down and cleaned, and planet Earth gets a chance to clean too. 

Leading the way with Leah’s help

Today, I am super excited to tell you about one effort launching very soon that I am extremely proud of. Since the time we released our first products GreenMin and Skin Spray, we have used glass to package all of our supplements for health and environmental reasons.

However, in order to prevent breakage during shipping, we had to use bubble wrap to deliver supplements to your dog. We searched and searched for a better solution, until one of our managers, Leah, came up with the FANTASTIC IDEA of making protective cardboard sleeves allowing us to finally DITCH BUBBLE WRAP!  

We have also convinced our shipping company to offer this change to their other customers, which will have even greater impact! I am thrilled! 🙌

In the next month or so, thanks to Leah, Ana, and a huge team effort, we will introduce these fully recyclable “ECO-SLEEVES” to protect your dog’s supplements, and also the environment. As an added bonus, we know that COVID-19 doesn’t like surfaces like cardboard.

Today, I am totally committed to writing about “good news”, so here are two more pieces of GOOD NEWS for dog lovers:

1. We are introducing new versions of the Gentle Leash

You will now have your 
choice of three clip sizes and two leash thicknesses depending on the size of your dog. Click on the image below for more details. If you have not tried the Gentle Leash yet, it is made of 100% natural materials, absorbs shocks beautifully, and it reflects our philosophy of being gentle on your dog and nature too!

2. Lower minimum purchase to get FREE SHIPPING!

Good health is now more important than ever but I also know many of you have been affected by the current crisis. This is why we have reduced our minimum purchase for free shipping by half to $65. I still encourage you to keep your dog on all the essentials for optimal health as I do for Pax, but if you are on a tighter budget, this will allow you to order less and still get free standard shipping. 

Thank you for being part of our community, trusting us, and loving and caring for your dog. Once again, dogs have proven to be OUR BEST FRIENDS! 🐶❤️

One more thing, I have recorded a video with a recipe for A HEALTHY TREAT YOU CAN SHARE, WITH YOUR DOG. The recipe is at the end of this video. Enjoy!


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