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Stupid or unaware?

This morning, I read a quote that said:

Dead people do not know they are dead, it is those around them who suffer most. Stupid people do not know they are stupid, it is those around them who suffer most.”

When I saw this quote, I realized that these two sentences sum up most of the suffering and problems in the world, the only thing I object to is the word stupid. I prefer to replace it with “unaware” which according to the Oxford Dictionary definition means “having no knowledge of a situation or fact.” 

Unaware people think that animals do not have feelings, and that we can do whatever we want with them. They lack the knowledge that animals have feelings.

Unaware people make poor food choices that can lead to illnesses like heart disease and cancer.

Unaware people don’t understand that the products and goods they choose to purchase matter, because they put money into the hands of people and companies who are either ethical or unethical.

Unaware people are not aware that they are unaware! They don’t know what they don’t know, however, in most cases they are intelligent not stupid. 

Here are some examples of lack of awareness when it comes to caring for dogs: 

  1. People are unaware that feeding their dog fish is no longer healthy more info
  2. People are unaware that pet food companies have lied about pet food for decades more info
  3. People are unaware that raw diet feeding is healthy and safe more info
  4. People are unaware that using ball chuckers leads to injuries more info
  5. People are unaware that marrow bones cause tooth fractures more info
  6. People are unaware that diarrhea in dogs is linked to lumbar spine health more info
  7. People are unaware that collars lead to hypothyroidism in dogs more info
  8. People are unaware that most dogs require nail trimming every 2-3 weeks more info
  9. People are unaware that paw licking is related to neck injuries moreso than allergies more info
  10. People are unaware that aging and mobility issues are the result of errors in DNA repair more info
  11. People are unaware that skin hotspots may be related to muscle and back injuries more info
  12. People are unaware that rice contains high levels of toxic arsenic more info

The truth is, we are all unaware of what we are not aware of. We don’t know what we don’t know, and this leads to poor decisions and problems.

What is the solution?

  1. Humility
  2. Being open to the possibility of being wrong
  3. Committing to lifelong learning
  4. Choosing the right teachers and wise people to trust.
  5. Never giving up when searching for solutions to problems and challenges

Now is the time!

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