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Are we enslaved by the ‘big three’?

For the past decade, you and I, and almost everyone I know, have been unknowingly helping the ‘big three’ Google, Facebook, and Amazon, become the largest and richest companies in the world. Over time, these companies have switched from being progressive and grateful, to arrogant and controlling and we, the content creators, have become the “ants” who work for free creating valuable content that makes these giants even bigger.

Paradoxically, as our community grows, proportionally fewer and fewer people see our content unless we pay for distribution. For several years now, we have been at the mercy of unpredictable restrictions, algorithms, censorship and politics. One can wake up, and after years and years of work, website traffic can drop by 50%, just because someone from Google, Facebook, or Amazon decided so.

My team and I always do our best to make sure that our content, free learning material, and nutritional and healthy supplement info reaches dog lovers like you, but it has been an uphill and increasingly costly battle, and we have all grown tired of it.

These days, an average so-called “organic post” gets less than 0.1% circulation in our community – unless we pay.

Luckily, my weekly newsletters have an increasing reach and I would like to thank you (and your dogs 😉) for subscribing to my weekly rants. But if you are like me, you may also have been overwhelmed by the amount of e-mails in general, and you might prefer watching a video, or listening to a podcast when you are out walking or driving in traffic.

Frankly, I have never been too thrilled about recording videos, mainly because I have to do my hair…or powder my ever expanding forehead, so you don’t get blinded when watching. 😂 (Just kidding!)

In the past I recorded a few podcasts, but I never got into the rhythm of recording regularly, until now. To my surprise, I have really enjoyed the process, because it feels like I’m having a conversation with you.

Today, I am announcing the launch of my new podcast series called “Not just about dogs.” I chose the name because, while I am a vet, I also love the topic of human holistic health and longevity, and enjoy art, literature, learning, and other interesting topics, such as personal growth, communication, the evolution or “devolution” of humanity, nature, and everything that is part of life.

In the past, some people suggested that I should stick to veterinary topics and offer a podcast solely about dogs, because I am a vet, but I don’t like to be boxed in. From my perspective, limiting the scope of the podcast to the subject of dog health would be a shame, because in the greater scheme of things, everything is inter-connected, and I love having freedom.

So, here it comes! Today, I am officially launching “Not just about dogs and I invite you to subscribe on your favourite podcast platform.

You can start listening right away, as I have already published 3 episodes. I’ve started the numbering from zero, because it better represents the starting point of everything, and how I became the person I am today. My plan is to publish four episodes each month (plus/minus), depending on how much is going on, and if Pax lets me have some time to record.

I also hope that if you like what you hear, you won’t forget to rate our channel and share the program with your friends. And if you hate it, please allow me some time to get into the groove before you decide to take my stars away. It is a learning process and I will continue working hard to improve my skills.

And while the podcast is “Not just about dogs” I hope that it will help you and your dogs live a healthy, fun, and happy life for many, many, many years to come. After all, healthy dog lovers help their dogs live healthier lives, too.


PS: New to podcasts? Just download one of the following Apps on your smart phone or tablet and search for “Not Just About Dogs” when you open the App.

Here is the App List (you only need one 🤓🐶) :

Apple Podcasts – iOS

Spotify – iOS / Android

Google Podcasts – Android

Amazon Music – iOS / Android

Stitcher – iOS / Android

iHeart Radio – iOS / Android

Pandora – iOS / Android

TuneIn + Alexa – iOS / Android

Podcast Addict – Android

Podchaser – most internet browsers

Pocket Casts – iOS / Android

Deezer – iOS/ Android

Listen Notes – most internet browsers

Player FM – iOS / Android

Podcast Index – most internet browsers

Overcast – iOS

Castro – iOS

Castbox – iOS / Android

Podfriend – iOS / coming soon to Android

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